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You Think You’re Having A Bad Parenting Day? You Are Not Alone

We’ve all been there. We’ve been the last one to pick-up our kids at daycare, we’ve made kids‘ lunches out of pantry scraps, and we have all let our self-care slip to the point where we’re mistaken for The Pigeon Lady from Home Alone. (No? That last one is just me? Cool. Cool.)

If there are two things I have learned in the past month; It’s that 1. I will never scoop a pint of Ben & Jerry’s into a proper bowl, and 2. There are other Moms out there who are winging the motherhood thing just like I am.

Of those Moms, there a few I follow on social media so that while I’m scrolling my feed, (probably hiding from my toddler in the bathroom) there are constant reminders that I am not alone. That I’m not the only one that co-sleeps, that I’m not the only one that co-parents, that I’m not the only one that co-LOSES-MY-SHIT sometimes, and that I’m not the only one that looks like the Pigeon Lady once in a while. (Still just me on that one, huh? Ok I’m fine; everything’s Fine).

If you’re sitting up this Friday Night, after putting the kids to bed - you’re worn out, you’re tired, you need a Mom-cation, or just a day off - I get it.... and so do these five honest, beautiful, real-life Mommas.

#5. @AccidentalSuperMom

We’ve all been there. Despite the nine-months of pregnancy, the labor, and inevitable loss of bladder control brought on by these little miracles - somehow their Dad ends up being the favorite. I can’t say I’ve been pushed to this point yet - but my little is only 3-years-old; I can see this being our future.

#4. @TheMomAtLaw

Welp. Two things here: #1: parenting littles doesn’t get easier, it just gets different. And #2: I’m not the only one that can’t “Self” sometimes. When I first had my daughter, I became a mom - of course. I didn’t realize how much I would let motherhood consume my whole identity so quickly. Sometimes I forget self-care when I’m so focused on toddler-care. But it’s important that I have my own identity; I want my daughter to have a good role model, and that means being healthy, happy and hard-working. Motherhood is an important piece of who I am, but it’s not EVERYTHING of who I am. This mom gets that.

#3. @MacaroniAndMomJeans

Relatable. Like when you’re home all day with the kids and you verbal-vomit all over the first grown-up that comes across your path. (Most often the unsuspecting lady at the grocery-store checkout). I have five-minutes without a child latched on to my body, I’m going to squeeze in all the cusses, gangsta rap, and adult conversation I can without repercussions and you can’t take that from me. #yolo

#2. @MommyOwl1

Don’t get me wrong, I’d take snuggles on the couch with my little one over a night out 9 out of 10 times. (Mostly because I don’t know how to do my hair anymore and my only pair of “non-mom, hot jeans” are in the wash). But sometimes I would LOVE to have someone put me to bed instead; even if, in reality, it’s only because I passed out at the movie theatre at a 7:30 PM showing. A night out is a night out, I’m calling it a win.

#1. @TheMichelleDempsey

Sure, this one may be biased because this woman is living LITERALLY the same life as me; but she 100% deserves this spot. Not only is this woman the real-deal when it comes to being open and honest about her motherhood; she’s supportive. I once read a quote that said “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked”.

This woman lives this sentiment, and social media (and the universe) need more of it. She’s supportive AF, and isn’t afraid to say the real shit about the HARD parts of motherhood that no-one talks about - the co-parenting, the single-motherhood, the working mom guilt, all of it. You need positive affirmation? Look no further, she’s your girl.

This is my top five. This is the top five that make my days a little easier, that inform me that I’m not the only one. There are lots of other moms like them, but these ones are the ones for me. These are the ones that make my crown feel not-so-crooked.

Find yours.

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