• Amanda Marcotte

To the man who chooses to love a woman after divorce:

To the man who chooses to love me and my child:

We’ve been waiting for you.

We have been waiting for the man that would come along and sweep us both off our feet.

I know it’s not always easy - to love a woman who had a family before she knew you existed. I know it isn’t easy to share us.

I know it can be difficult to sit beside me while I call her father just so I can talk to her; on nights she isn’t with us.

You don’t have that. We don’t call your ex at night. And it would be strange if we did. That is not lost on me.

But you handle it so well.

You handle everything well.

You love my child fiercely as if she were your own. You show her what a real, true, loving relationship looks like for her mom. You’re teaching her, every single day, what to expect from future relationships. And I HOPE she finds someone just like you.

I hope she finds the true love, the true partnership, and the true happiness that I found from each of you.

Life is funny that way. You THINK you know love and happiness - you think you have a handle on it at 13, at 16, at 21, or at 25.

Then out of nowhere - life shows you what it REALLY IS, and you realize you didn’t know what you were missing.

I never knew true love existed - until I had my daughter. True, unwavering, overwhelming, unconditional love.

I never knew true partnership - until I met you. A sweet, loving, passionate, and truthful partnership.

And I never knew true happiness - until I saw the two of you together. Silly, carefree, easy happiness.

So, Thank you.

Thank you for choosing to love us, to jump into our pre-made family - and make it your own.

Thank you for your patience and your sacrifices, for your understanding and your unwavering love and support.

We’ve been waiting for someone like you, and we are so grateful to be done waiting.

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