• Amanda Marcotte

It’s not easy

Mommin’ definitely ain’t easy

When I was pregnant, I thought that there was something wrong with me. All of these other moms talked about how amazing it felt to be pregnant. Spoiler alert: I was not one of these freaking people.

I constantly felt like my body wasn't my own. Everything hurt, my pubic bone felt like it could snap under pressure at any moment, and my bladder control regressed to my drunken freshman year of college.

But I was growing a human. What a miraculous task! Sure, there is no question that women are bad-asses. The things that my body was capable of doing on the day that I gave birth, I will never forget.

Some women approached me after, telling me that they didn’t want to be real with me about pregnancy and labor and motherhood because it’s messy, it’s scary. I need the messy! I need the scary!

Here I am hating my body, thinking I’m doing everything wrong, and watching all of you other moms be perfect! I need to know that you’re not perfect. The same goes for postpartum and beyond.

My daughter had chips for breakfast today. Definitely not my first choice, even on my worst days. I had cereal and a banana ready for her ride to school…

Did she want that option?


But was I going to drive ourselves to school while force-feeding her Cheerios with one hand?


So guess what? She got the chips. And she ate the whole damn bag.

Sometimes I don’t have it all together. In fact, MOST times I don’t have it all together. But in the eyes of that kid, I do.

And really… That’s all that matters.

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